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Annnnnnnd… This is a unicorn!

We can’t get enough good news folks! We’ve had a lot of those lately, but today it’s special as Swile raises $200 million and becomes a unicorn. Yes, another one!

Little reminder for those of you who just arrived in the game: Swile has the…

Hi folks!

If you follow the daphni adventures, then we’re sure that you know what SISTA and their commitments are in our start-up ecosystem.

That’s why we organized the Inclusive Hours, in order to open the doors of the VC world to ambitious women entrepreneurs.

The event took place on…

Never twice without thrice right? And what an understatement to say that we are very excited to announce that daphni is part of Witco’s latest Series A round of $14M, alongside Eurazeo, Naxicap Partners & ULInvest.

Witco (ex-MonBuilding) provides people the best possible experience in their professional and personal living…

Meeting incredible start-ups is part of our daily job in venture capital. But meeting THE start-up that is really turning upside down a whole market such as real estate is something that happens once in a blue moon.

Masteos is part of those start-ups and we couldn’t be prouder to…

Qui est Olfa Zorgati ?

Aujourd’hui Directrice Administrative & Financière d’ESI Group, une société spécialisée dans la simulation virtuelle, Olfa Zorgati s’est construite une carrière d’une incroyable richesse.

Olfa a un parcours brillant mais loin d’être linéaire : les expatriations, les pauses, voire les changements de route y ont également eu toute leur part. Mais…

If you are keen on the French ecosystem (if you read us we guess that you are 😉), then you should have heard about one of the most well-known journalists for entrepreneurs, Sébastien Couasnon. If not, don’t worry we have invited him on our podcast Build da City. For. Good.

No folks, we’re not talking about having the modjo or about the group at the origin of the famous song Lady. We’re talking about Modjo the startup, only 18 months old, that just raised €7M with Aglaé Ventures and us.

Founded by 3 guys with big ambitions, Paul Berloty, Côme…

Hi folks,

We hope you are doing well and had amazing holidays! The daphni team is back and we can’t wait to share with you what we have been preparing for the next months.

We know that you already miss summer, sea, sun. So here are some pics of the…

Agua Blanca (one of the daphni Yellow fund start-ups)

Agua Blanca is a marketplace for clean home care and personal care products.

Difficult not to fall in love with Sébastien Fabre and Yann Le Chatelier, a team of serial-entrepreneurs who have already demonstrated their ability to create new usages with Vestiaire Collective: a unicorn and role model of the…

Pasqal (one of the daphni Yellow fund start-ups)

Pasqal develops quantum computer based out of neutral atoms. Quantum computers are one of the cornerstones in the transition towards a carbon neutral economy.

We are convinced that the quantum computing technology is the next big thing that has the potential to change a lot of different industries.

Through its…


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