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Meeting incredible start-ups is part of our daily job in venture capital. But meeting THE start-up that is really turning upside down a whole market such as real estate is something that happens once in a blue moon.

Masteos is part of those start-ups and we couldn’t be prouder to share with you this latest investment of €15M ! Welcome in da house Masteos! 🎉💛

If you haven’t heard about them, let’s introduce you to Masteos, the TEMPLE of rental investment (be careful, the Ancient Greek vocabulary is everywhere with them!)

Created in 2019, Masteos is providing an all-in-one premium…

Qui est Olfa Zorgati ?

Aujourd’hui Directrice Administrative & Financière d’ESI Group, une société spécialisée dans la simulation virtuelle, Olfa Zorgati s’est construite une carrière d’une incroyable richesse.

Olfa a un parcours brillant mais loin d’être linéaire : les expatriations, les pauses, voire les changements de route y ont également eu toute leur part. Mais ces phases de “respiration”, comme les décrit Olfa Zorgati, sont cruciales pour comprendre son parcours. Des moments nécessaires pour se questionner, rebondir et s’épanouir.

De Paris à Londres, en passant par San Francisco et Hong-Kong, Olfa Zorgati, éternelle optimiste, est une femme pour qui le mot “impossible” ne semble pas…

If you are keen on the French ecosystem (if you read us we guess that you are 😉), then you should have heard about one of the most well-known journalists for entrepreneurs, Sébastien Couasnon. If not, don’t worry we have invited him on our podcast Build da City. For. Good.

After listening to him for 50 minutes, you will have the chance to get to know him personally, his early passion for journalism, his background, and all his professional journey as a reporter and TV journalist.

Being a journalist was a dream for him since his young age. Did you…

No folks, we’re not talking about having the modjo or about the group at the origin of the famous song Lady. We’re talking about Modjo the startup, only 18 months old, that just raised €7M with Aglaé Ventures and us.

Founded by 3 guys with big ambitions, Paul Berloty, Côme Hug de Larauze and Matthieu de La Fourniere, Modjo is a SaaS solution that transforms sales organisations by unveiling their customer reality through an AI-powered CRM.

The goal? To analyze all exchanges between sales representatives and their prospects/customers that take place via videoconferences, emails or by phone to detect relevant…

Hi folks,

We hope you are doing well and had amazing holidays! The daphni team is back and we can’t wait to share with you what we have been preparing for the next months.

We know that you already miss summer, sea, sun. So here are some pics of the daphni team summer holidays as a last shot of vitamin D! It would help you regain strength for the coming (cloudy ☁️) weeks.

Also we couldn’t help but as we love to share everything, we gathered a list of our favorite summer discoveries (think about it for your next trip…

Agua Blanca (one of the daphni Yellow fund start-ups)

Agua Blanca is a marketplace for clean home care and personal care products.

Difficult not to fall in love with Sébastien Fabre and Yann Le Chatelier, a team of serial-entrepreneurs who have already demonstrated their ability to create new usages with Vestiaire Collective: a unicorn and role model of the circular economy in France.

With Agua Blanca, Sébastien and Yann are addressing the home care and personal care market with, once again, the desire to participate in the transformation to come in their industry in terms of consumption patterns and consideration of environmental issues.

🎙 We invite to listen to…

Pasqal (one of the daphni Yellow fund start-ups)

Pasqal develops quantum computer based out of neutral atoms. Quantum computers are one of the cornerstones in the transition towards a carbon neutral economy.

We are convinced that the quantum computing technology is the next big thing that has the potential to change a lot of different industries.

Through its breakthrough technology, Pasqal is one of the company that has the biggest potential, led by a well-known team.

Quantum computing is happening now and Pasqal advanced technology allow the company to already have proof of concept with industrial customers.

On top of the market potential, Pasqal is clearly a company…

Save Market (one of the daphni Yellow fund start-ups)

Save Market provides a platform for buying back computer equipment from companies, gives electronic product a second life, and fights against waist.

The refurbishment market has long been characterized by strong inefficiencies and low trust levels among end consumers.

Refurbishers have traditionally struggled to source products and sell them efficiently. Through our investment in BackMarket, we know the refurbished sector well. BackMarket is solving the distribution pain points of the Refurbishers.

By its B2B approach, SaveMarket is solving the sourcing issue. …

Vous ne trouverez pas beaucoup d’informations sur Elisabeth de Rothschild en tapant son nom dans votre barre de recherche. En effet, depuis toujours, elle prend soin d’être invisible. Mais nous avons réussi à la convaincre et Elisabeth a accepté de nous consacrer un peu de son temps pour nous raconter un bout de son histoire. Architecte, mère, investisseur, expatriée… On vous en dit plus sur cette citoyenne du monde et “daphnipolitaine”. Bonne lecture !

L’architecture au coeur de la vie d’Elisabeth de Rothschild

Elisabeth a grandi en France, mais c’est dès l’âge de 14 ans qu’elle ressent le besoin de découvrir le monde et de partir faire ses études…

Hi daphni pals! 👋

Whether you are planning to catch the sun in Provence or enjoy a good hike in Corsica, we know that you waited for summer break for soooo long! And we feel you.

At daphni, despite the lockdowns and the remote work, we had such an incredible year and we always love sharing with you what is up.

We also know that it is not always easy to completely disconnect from work but here are some suggestions to really make these holidays restful:

📧 Log out from your professional emails. In late-July / mid-August, there is little…


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