You probably know her name. You probably know her face. You probably know as well what she does, but you probably don’t know what she has done before. Drum rolling 🥁 I’m talking about Kat Borlongan.
Told you! This name might ring a bell. But if not, that’s ok, let us introduce her.

Born in the Philippines, Kat arrived in France at the age of 20 and graduated from Sciences Po Bordeaux. At this time, it is clear that she has not yet fallen in love with France since she is leaving for Canada. …

Be ready, this is the biggest news of the week folks: Back Market has raised $335M and becomes the 14th French unicorn!
This new round values Back Market at $3.2 billion, and will help the three founders to reach their ambition:

“Our goal now goes beyond making renewed tech a viable option. We want to make it the first choice for electronics purchases. The support and confidence of these prominent funds, together with our growing customer base, marks an important step in Back Market’s journey, and more importantly for the refurbished sector as a whole.” says Thibaud, the CEO.


And YOU ‘companies’, how do you get rid of your old IT equipment, smartphones, tablets…? It becomes a real headache for you, we know it! This issue is all the more crucial as the renewal of IT equipment in French companies takes place approximately every 3 years.

As we are all committed to an eco-responsible and societal approach, we must choose the best options that are repairing, or recycling or donating your old equipment. Guess what ?!

Few months ago, we did a very special podcast episode, with a very special man, from a very special place. Stop with the ‘special’, let me introduce you Eric Newton, the founder of we are. Hidden in the heart of the 8th arrondissement, in a green setting, we are is a club that honors the best of French creation, the actors of innovation, digital and creative industries.

Every evening — at least when it was allowed — the club offered a new program: debates, culture, gastronomy, cinema… Halfway between an English club, a Factory and a coworking space, we are

During a recent webinar organised for the daphni community, we had the chance to listen to the feedback of our 3 guests, on the theme ‘No more greenwashing, time for actions’. Because sharing is caring, we want to give you all the insights we had during this very interesting session. We hope it will help some of you to have a clearer view of this crucial subject. But first of all, let us introduce you to our sources of inspiration:

  • Antoine Msika is the Communications Manager of Shine. He participated in the B Corp labelling of the neobank, first with…

Folks, let’s admit it, there is nothing more comforting than good food, with good people! Even though restaurants in France are still closed for now, the sunny days are coming, and with them the desire for juicy fruits, fresh salad, pressed juice… And while thinking about all the enjoyable meats ahead, we are wondering one thing: why do some people always feel hungry and others don’t?

Well, this is the question Tim Spector, professor at King’s College London and co-founder of ZOE, asked himself recently surrounded by Harvard scientists. …

Our visionary of the day is one of those who triggers the “Cocorico”! 🇫🇷🐔

Since he was a little boy, Renaud Visage always wanted to go to the US, it was an obsession. That’s how he arrived there to study civil engineering. As you can see, before being a digital builder, Renaud was a physical builder, on the construction sites, for 4 years.

At the same time, the Internet is emerging, and Renaud is fascinated by this new technology. In 2000, he decided that programming and building in the virtual world is more interesting than physical construction surrounded by bulldozers…

Stockly connects e-commerce websites with a global inventory so that they can never run out-of-stock

30% of e-commerce purchase intentions are abandoned due to out-of-stock problems, costing e-merchants several billion euros each year. To solve this headache, Stockly has built a proprietary technology that allows e-merchants to ensure the sale of a product even it is out-of-stock, by having the products shipped by the brand or another seller in Stockly’s distribution network.

Hub.cycle avoids huge wastage by converting plant-based industrial side-streams into competitive, innovative, & strategic raw materials for personal care and food

In a world where 50% of the food produced for transformation into ingredients or flavor never reaches our plates, Hubcycle tackles 40% of this waste. While current waste recovery is limited to composting or methanization, Hubcycle creates more value by turning waste into ingredients. It develops activities of sourcing, waste qualification, matching, quality check, transformation and logistics. In 2020, with only 2 people, Hubcycle managed to turn the equivalent of 1000 tons of fruit and vegetable production from waste to ingredients for the cosmetics and food industry. These simple figures illustrate how Hubcycle is a no-brainer both from an ecological and societal perspective.

Today is a special day: it’s the Global Recycling day! And the theme of this year’s Global Recycling day on March 18th is #RecyclingHeroes, to recognize the people, places and activities that showcase how the Seventh Resource and recycling contribute to an environmentally stable planet and a greener future for all.

So today we want to highlight 2 heroes!

1/ Julien Lesage, an inspiring entrepreneur who has decided to go further and bet on upcycling a couple of years ago. The idea? To give a new life to materials destined to be thrown away, by diverting their use. There are…


Daphni is a Venture Capital mutant

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